Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What I Need v. What I Want

               So. How did North Face Endurance Challenge go? Not perfectly, in the general sense, but in the grand scheme, things happened as they must, and that is perfect. I ran the Gore-Tex 50 with a chest cold. I finished an hour behind my projected time, had I been in full health. I skipped the half marathon the next day due to foot complications. I have never been much good at having good judgement for knowing when to say when. This is why I am thankful and grateful for this race, and beyond that, the entire season. I finished my first hundred miler, I had to drop from a 50 mile to a 50k, I got lost for the first time on a course, and I had my first ever DNS. All of these things were within the scope of good, sound judgement. This year was filed with teaching moments, pride busters, and the building blocks of mental fortitude. It has been precisely what I need to move forward in this kooky sport of ultra running. When I am present and remain in the moment, this fact presents itself quite vividly. No PRs, but all personal growth.