Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Chapter

               I have relocated to Milwaukee, I have the same job with new clients in a new region, so I thought it only fitting that I go toe to toe with a brand new race. I added the High Cliff 50k to my list this year. It is a brand new race, in an area I've never run, and a distance I've never shot specifically for. I am feeling pretty good. I need to up my greens intake, up some carbs, more fruit. Maybe some better rest. Life is a little stressful, but very good stress. I'll start my fall semester at UW Milwaukee the beginning of next month. So add new school to the list. My social network is limited, but I have been diligent about that, so I'm not too worried. My body is running like a well oiled machine, and I am just listening to what it tells me. Taper time, as the race is next Saturday, a week and a couple days. No camping this time since the camping is long since sold out. Hotel it is. Improvise, adapt, and overcome.