Friday, July 15, 2016

Dances With Dirt Continues to Vex Me

               So I threw my hat in for Dances With Dirt 50 at Devil's Lake this year. It was on July 9, 2016. It  was the first time in 3 years. I had to drop down in 2013 due to some complications. This year, my body was not cooperating. GI distress. I got to 25 miles and decided to drop down to 50k. I was in enough pain and discomfort that I was afraid of going negative-calories if I upchucked. I started to continue the 50 mile and then decided that it was not worth the physical risk. I witnessed a guy have his system shut down on him when I got the finish and knew I made the right decision. I couldn't run for long after 25 and even though I had 7 1/2 hours to finish I would've needed all of them and I wouldn't have been running. I had run in me, but my internals were fucked. So very frustrating. I made a couple of stupid mistakes that I know better than to make, but I moved on the 5th, which means I was not rested. I did not have time to boil potatoes or cook bacon, so I improvised with canned potatoes and beef jerky. They did not agree and I paid the price. My rule has always been "Don't try new shit on race day." I broke the rules. It bit me. Can't cheat the system. Learn from me. Never cheat what you know.