Friday, May 27, 2016

This is Now. This is Happening.

                The moment is here. I'm quite undertrained, but I'm going forward anyway. It's going to hurt. It's going to be difficult. I'm going to be unpleasant to be around after 100k. But I'm going to drag my punk ass across that line in 30 hours or less.
               Saturday, June 4 will be my second attempt at the Kettle 100. The first go-round I miscalculated my caloric intake. I shut down at 100k. I ask myself if I could've gone on. Part of me thinks so. I don't want to have regrets. I really don't have them....except...I wonder if I could've pushed on, and at what cost? Not a regret, per se, but a lingering gnat-like thought that resembles regret. I guess I just need to go see about it.
                 This time is the first time I've got pacers and crew. I'm not going solo this time. It will help tremendously. I have never had a team in the past, a go-it-aloner. I have been better at asking for (and admitting I'm in need of) assistance. When I'm doubting myself at 62 miles, they can take over telling me to keep going. It makes it tough to keep going and easy to say when at 100k. It's the start/finish, so you come in to a checkpoint, then are forced to turn around and head back into the darkness. But...I've got this. I'll have someone joining me at 100k. I've got a plan. Stop for nothing. Relentless forward motion.