Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Brand New Again For The First Time

               So, I decided to run a road race for the first time in a long time. It's the Madison Marathon in 5 days. I have run it twice before but not since they moved it to the fall, and they rerouted it away from John Nolan Drive. It is a lot of the same route, but utilized differently than I remember. For instance, the last mile was coming up West Washington Avenue, which is a long, slow incline, and one feels a real sense of accomplishment when they turn the corner at the square after scaling that hill. Well, now we go down West Wash first, so you really have to be present and focused so you don't come out of the gate too quick, which will be a real challenge with a descent like that. Late miles were by Monona Terrace and up Brittingham Park and all that is early. Late miles are on the North end, the final stretch is from Tenney Park. There is plenty of challenge in there though. We'll be hitting a lot of what I trained on through Maple Bluff so it will feel very familiar. Farwell is tough, but mentally I think I have the upper hand, being I know how to hit that thing. I ran it when you couldn't carve the hill into the sum of its parts, which means it will be easier than when I trained on it.                 I do have a bit of a wonky left ankle. Also my knee-caps start stinging a little, and I think it's from the last race....and maybe age. I may not feel like 40 most days, but eventually that shit catches up. So, I don't have the bar set too high. If I finish in 4:30 I'll be good with that. No PR, just a good day of running. Truth be told, I am generally not all that excited about road races since I started running trail races, but maybe I can find a little something in the 'autopilot' effect that comes with road. It's far simpler, less thinking. Just drink water and eat gel, run run run. Yay! Give me my bling! Now I just have to figure out what is next....

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