Saturday, August 1, 2015

Relentless Forward Progress....a recurring theme.

               This week is going to be a big week for me. It will be the first week I have run more than 50 miles since my broken leg. Also this race I am preparing for, The North Face Endurance Challenge 50, is my first in 2 years. Incidentally, my last race was also a North Face 50. My body is starting to feel the effects of being a 'runner' again, and I feel like I am coming home.
               I got to run with Rob Krar last Tuesday and it was fantastic. I met him, talked to him along the run, asked him questions about TransRockies and about his ultra running training camp he and his wife runs. He is a genuinely happy man at this point of his life, as he should be. He is happily married to what sounds to be a wonderful woman that loves him very much, he just won Western States 100 for the second year in a row, he lives in Flagstaff, AZ in the mountains, there are a lot of reasons, and he radiates it. I also learned that maybe I should run with someone more often. I was running a healthy sub-8 and barely noticed it. It felt awesome.
               I get to run with Dean Karnazes on this coming Tuesday. I have met Dean before at the Speaker Series in 2011. He is a rather impressive man with a terrific story. He once ran 30 milers on his thirtieth birthday moderately drunk, with no more running experience than high school. Here is today with at least 3 books under his belt and the longest time running at one time. Last I read it was 300 miles, but I think he has since passed that.
               My first attempt at fundraising has all but dried up. I have been raising money to run in the New York Marathon and raise money for the New York Road Runners Community Champions. Apparently social media is not the be-all end-all that it's made out to be. I will need to come up with a new strategy, probably more hands on.
               I am looking for a race before October rolls around. I need to know what it feels like to toe that line again. Something smaller. I'd even consider a 5k. A half marathon I think would be about perfect, My rest days have been a bit trying since all I really want to do is run. Remembering what happened keeps me focused though. I do not want to go through another 2 year unscheduled hiatus. That was one of the darkest periods in my adult life. So, when my body says 'HEY! Jackass!' I listen, albeit rather cranky in the process. Every time I lay eyes on a trail or a curve in the brush I want to charge it. It is much like the rush I would get when I was young and skateboarded. As a skater you would eye pavement, stairs, rails, curbs, and it would call to you and beg you to attack it. Trails do that for me. The roll and twist of a trail would tell me to speed up, slow down, take the bank by force, and at once I am a kid again, and I am having a brand of fun long forgotten to most, and I realize just how much I've missed my friends, the trails.

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