Sunday, February 23, 2014

Well, shit.....

               Well, I am registered for one race this year. I'm in for the Kettle 100. Training was going slow, but ok. The I broke my lateral fibula at that little tab by the ankle. I'm out for at least 6 weeks. I find out for sure tomorrow when I go see the Orthopedic doctor tomorrow. Hurts like holy shit, and I have a pretty high pain threshold, as almost every ultra runner has, for pretty obvious reasons. I'm not liking the fact that it takes me forever to get my house, that is. I can't drive. I have some pretty amazing friends. They came to take me to the ER, waited for me, took me to the pharmacy. I have another friend that has been helping me with foodstuffs. Keeping me company so I don't go cuckoo. Anyway, it is a toss-up if I'll be running. I may volunteer though. I have a site reserved, and I like the idea of camping between semesters. I could still help out and it would be extremely rewarding. I may be ready to run, and if I am it won't be record-breaking, since I'll miss a ton of running. I could always go down to a 100k, I know I got that in me. I want to run so bad, but obviously that is not even remotely an option.
               So I slipped on some ice walking home. I wish there was some elaborate story, but there is not. My right foot slid, I caught myself, crackle crackle, shit goddamn, I knew right when it happened. They showed me the x-ray, and was like, "yup". Greenstick break. Vicodin, and it doesn't really touch the pain, just makes me tired.
               I did get into the lottery for the NYC marathon this year, and that is in November, so there is hope. 26.2, I am certain I could run without even training, granted not very fast,, but yes I could do it, and if I get into NYC, you better be damn sure I'm gonna run it. So anyway, I'm breaking more shit as I
am getting older. Is this what I have to look forward to? Crap. You guys stay healthy. Don't be like me and slip on Wisco ice and break your shit. That is bad.