Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bumps and Bruises....bumps...and...bruises.

               I'm just getting around to reviewing my experience at this year's Dances With Dirt. I finished the 50k, to get to the point, and dropped short of the 50 mile, making 2 races in a row that I under-performed. I am, quite frankly, disappointed with myself. Life has been full. I have slacked on my training. My motivation has been questionable, discipline waning, and as of late I have missed a lot of training, yet I still have North Face 50 coming up in 23 short days. 
               I am going to college full time. I recently cut it off with my significant other, and financially I am in a bind with bills, school, the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day instead of 48, and I just moved. My windshield is cracked. My parking pass for the fall just happens to be 000666. I wish that was a joke. It is funny, but alas it is a sick joke, if anything. Thank god I'm an atheist. ;-)
               I'm turning this thing around. I forgot how good it felt to just run, so maybe this hiatus is a good thing, since it was starting to feel a bit more like another job. After North Face in September, I'm going to cross-train and strength train, running regularly to and from campus. If I only do one race next year, it will be the Kettle 100. I will finish that thing next year. My degree. My 100 miler. The other stuff is just fluff.                           
               Everybody's got a slump. This is my slump. I feel like kicking my own ass, but that is difficult as we know. I need to find my joy again. I may have to run myself ragged to get it, but rest is good too. How long is long enough? I feel like I'm overdoing it. It is rough getting going again, and truth in that old saying "A body in motion tends to stay in motion. A body at rest tends to stay at rest." This is the longest in 4 years that I have run only minimally coming up to a race. I need to wake my beast from its slumber.
               Good luck to all my fellow running friends, with all your coming fall marathons, ultras, 5k, 10k, trail races. Enjoy the journey, friends.