Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hey! Whatta ya want?! I've been busy!

               Ya, I've not written in quite some time. My old ass decided to get uppity and get me a college edumacation. I'm finishing up my first semester, so long story short, I haven't gotten all my mileage in, however, I have 2 50 mile ultras under my belt, and I have gotten about 30 miles on average in. Will I perform at the top of my game? Probably not. Will I finish in under 12 hours? Absolutely. I am thinking right at 12, since when I was fully trained in my last one on this terrain, I finished in just under 11 hours. This is my first race in 7 months, and my first major race in 8 months, as North Face was my last ultra. This is the Ice Age Trail 50. It is my first time running this race, however many of the same trails are being used as in North Face Endurance Challenge, so I have a good idea of what to expect. It starts and ends near LaGrange as opposed to Ottawa Lake, but the trails are still the trails. Three weeks after this weekend's race, I will be running my first 100 miler. The Kettle Moraine 100, again, using similar trails, so it will be like my backyard by this time. I will be fully prepared for that race, as I will have plenty of time to get my runs in, focus on nutrition, etc., since classes won't start until June 10th. I am 'en fuego' stoked for my chance to once and for all cross over to crazy town. I am in elite company for running a 50, though not nearly as elite as you'd think. 100 mile ultra-marathons are a different kind of animal, as am I. ;-) Yee Haw! See you out there!

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