Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Different Kind of Year

               Well hello, people. It has been interesting. I started my first semester of college, cut my hours back to do so, and my long runs have suffered because of it. That is the short version. Also, this is the longest winter in my life. It is April in a few days. Not that it hasn't snowed in April before, but it has never LASTED this long. The first snowfall was in October, I believe. This is the final week of March. So 6 months, which has been done before. (Sept.-Feb.) But as far as late in the year? This is it. Never actually hanging in there until April. The reason I make such a point of this? It has taken a toll on my psyche. By this time last year I was already camping and hitting trails pretty hard. My motivation is slightly off. It is picking up again, which is why I'm bothering to write this at all. I've cut my races down to just 4 definite races this year. All of these are ultras. Another reason my motivation is a bit down is that I often have already run my first and possibly second races by now. My first race this year is May 11th, followed shortly after by one on June 1st. The Ice Age 50, and the Kettle 100, respectively. I'll be doing the Dances With Dirt 50 in July again, and the North Face Endurance Challenge Gore-Tex 50 in September again. Then , it'll just be some self-supported stage runs with fast-pack on the trails.

Spring is finally coming....let's kick it up a notch, there, eh? See you out there.