Sunday, December 30, 2012

Here we go....and so it begins.

               Good day, everyone. I started training last week. It is going not as good as I'd like. I have a nasty cold, and it has been bone chilling out. I have skipped a 16 and an 18 due to my head feeling like it is exploding in slow motion, and not wanting to aggravate my situation. So, in short I am not living up to my standards. I am going to do everything to fill this next week out entirely. I took a long break, running sparingly to rest up from a very good year this past year. But I think my cardio may have taken a hit. I won't know entirely until I get to test the boundaries. I can't afford to miss any big mileage. I am upping the anti- this year. I am running the Ice Age 50 in May, hoping to register for the Kettle 100 in June. That's right! I'm finally going to do my first hundo! July will be Dances With Dirt again, September is North Face Gore-Tex 50, October is Detroit, November is New York to round out the year. Just gotta get over this shitty cold.
               Have a great new year, everyone! Run like your ass is on fire....and you stole whatever you're carrying!