Monday, November 12, 2012

A New Page For 2013

               2012 was a great year. I definitely upped the anti. I covered 2 50 mile ultramarathons, both my first and second, I did 2 more marathons, and a half marathon, followed by a handful of other races littered throughout the year. I think I may change it up this year. My time will be tighter than usual...and it's tight already...due to starting school in January. My time is valuable and sparse, so I will start the year out with the Ice Age 50 in May, probably RAGNAR in June again, Dances With Dirt in July, Madison Mini in August, North Face Endurance Challenge Gor-Tex 50 in September, I'm going to make a point to make it to Detroit in October for my travel marathon as I missed it last year (I'm coming John Barry! Be ready!), and hopefully...hopefully NYC in November. I'll get in the lottery again, and maybe...and if I don't get in this year, after 4 refusals I'll get in on the 5th automatically, so patience. I'll run it eventually. This is of course tentative, as I am eyeing the idea of the Kettle 100, or another 100. We'll see what the year brings.
               Good luck to all my friends on the off season, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of my nutty buddy ultra peeps in the coming year! Run safe! Stay healthy! See y'all soon!

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