Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ragnar Is Recommended!

               I ran the Ragnar Relay Chicago this weekend with 10 other amazing people. It was the most fun I've had in quite awhile for racing and running. No stress, all fun, just run fun. If you are not familiar with the Ragnar series, it is all over the USA. It is 12 runners typically, running 3 legs each, over the course of a day and a half. We run all through the night, 2 vans, sleep if/when you can. 
               We had eleven, our friend Eric, regretfully, had to pull out because of a fracture. We placed second in our division: SUBMASTERS MEN REGULAR with a time of 28:53:07. We had several Ironmen, several competitive road bikers, a few marathoners, and a couple that don't train other than running passively, and it was no pressure. For me, personally, it was just what the doctor ordered. It was agreat way to break up all the serious training with a way to just run and enjoy it. It is important to have stuff like this to remind you why you do it in the first place. 
               Long story short, if you have a chance to do a Ragnar, get on it. I knew nobody on this team, and I am a serious introvert with social anxiety...and I loved being ripped from my element. It was refreshing to know I have a tribe. I never knew, for the simple reason I train alone, I compete alone. I relish in accomplishment alone. Now I know better. You can get registered on the Ragnar site and look for a team if you are flying solo. There are so many teams that would be glad to have you. Do it. DO IT! I SAY! GO NOW!
               Next up...Dances With Dirt-Devil's Lake 50. Yes, my first 50 miler. I am crossing over to Crazyville. I'm buying a farm over there and building a cabin. It's over. I'm officially a nutty-ass runner freak.