Monday, April 16, 2012

A rough bump...building up to the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon

              Well, I had a rough spot. I am at about 80%. Just getting over a cold, and I had an issue with my lower calf that I am not quite sure what it was to this day. Maybe a pulled muscle? I gave it some rest. 4 days off, and back to small mileage. My longest run between here and the marathon is 8 miles. I don't know what to expect. I'm hoping to be up and full-on by April 28th. It is a relatively flat course for being in Kentucky. I'm hoping to slay it. I might just go guts out and see what happens. I plan on starting with the 3:25 pack, and hanging on for dear life. I'm feeling better, but I'll update next week when we're less than a week out. Today we're 11+ days out. I have some work to put my brain in the right spot. I've been scattered with other details. For the record, other details, like bills, and insurance, and work, and family stuff is not conducive to staying focused. My advice is to tell them all to go to hell and get away. You've got priorities. ;-)

Ya, that's probably the best option....
But wouldn't it be cool if you could just unplug?
Hey North Face! If you sponsor me, I promise I'll run a bazillion miles, like Dean Karnazes. That would solve a lot of my problems. Thanks.

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