Monday, April 30, 2012

...And another one bites the dust!

               Well, I just got back yesterday from Louisville, KY. Not my best race at 4:10:55. I over-trained. Plain and simple. That, and I wasn't 100% over my cold. I conned myself into thinking I was, but I wasn't. I met my threshold for the time being. I ran 3 marathons in 5 months. I am going to take a full week off of working out, running, etc. The next week will be cross training only, maybe some lifting. For now my 2 50 milers are on hiatus. My next marathon is in October in Detroit. My next race is the Ragnar Relay from Madison to Chicago, with 11 other runners and our support team. Each runner runs 3 legs over the course of a day. It will be a new experience for me on many levels. I am a runner that keeps to myself. It cracks me out of my shell. This is a good thing, I think. Also, the mileage isn't too bad, but running 3 times in a day is definitely new to me. 
               On a different note, no offense if any of you are from Louisville, but when I was there, nothing but fucked up shit went down. When I got into town, I went to my hotel, unloaded, went to the expo downtown at the Kentucky International Expo Center. After I was done, a kid pulled the fire alarm. Luckily I was on my way out. They cleared the building, firemen, the works. As I turned 1st and Market, a Ford Explorer was in the lobby of a building, another car wrapped around a light pole, and when I got back, the news said the truck hit a pedestrian. Never found out how they made out. Drunk driver killed a lady, going the wrong way on I-65, some guy tried to outrun the cops in a high speed chase and jumped in the Ohio river to ward off cops, only to hide between two piers because he was in danger of hypothermia due to exposure. The night of my race after I got back, thunderstorm from hell, golf ball hale, 85 mph wind. Another drunk driver accident, driver died, car he hit lived, but in critical condition. Is it always like this here?! If so, God hates this place. God will win this one. Move. Seriously. Pack. Go.
                Anyway, I'm gonna relax, then start running again in a couple weeks. As I write this, I want to go for a run. It is gonna be incredibly tough. I may break down and run before my body is ready, but I will fight every urge. No joke. Why can't I just be Wolverine or Superman or something, and heal in like 3 seconds? It would be so much easier. Plus, Adamantium bones. Who wouldn't want those?!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A rough bump...building up to the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon

              Well, I had a rough spot. I am at about 80%. Just getting over a cold, and I had an issue with my lower calf that I am not quite sure what it was to this day. Maybe a pulled muscle? I gave it some rest. 4 days off, and back to small mileage. My longest run between here and the marathon is 8 miles. I don't know what to expect. I'm hoping to be up and full-on by April 28th. It is a relatively flat course for being in Kentucky. I'm hoping to slay it. I might just go guts out and see what happens. I plan on starting with the 3:25 pack, and hanging on for dear life. I'm feeling better, but I'll update next week when we're less than a week out. Today we're 11+ days out. I have some work to put my brain in the right spot. I've been scattered with other details. For the record, other details, like bills, and insurance, and work, and family stuff is not conducive to staying focused. My advice is to tell them all to go to hell and get away. You've got priorities. ;-)

Ya, that's probably the best option....
But wouldn't it be cool if you could just unplug?
Hey North Face! If you sponsor me, I promise I'll run a bazillion miles, like Dean Karnazes. That would solve a lot of my problems. Thanks.