Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shamrock Shuffle 10k 2012

               Well, where to begin? I did not run my best. That is an understatement, but, oh well. There were so many little things that went wrong. Truly little things. I was still getting over a bit of a cold or flu thing, so my lungs were lagging, my right knee was feeling wonky, I just got done dealing with a bout of my left calf locking up, and I miscalculated my incline going up Observatory Drive, which is usually my strong suite. I most times pass people up hill going steady, but not over-doing it, and throw the hammer down on the down hill when others are recovering, which worked for the most part, but ran into oxygen debt early on, due mostly to my lung thing, most likely, but, all in all, so many things went awry that I don't know what one thing made the difference, so I am very quickly forgetting about this little ego-sore...and moving on. I averaged 8min/mile, which might be good for a half or marathon, but not a 10k. Moving on...moving on....

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