Friday, February 17, 2012

Livestrong Austin Countdown

               I left Madison at about 8:45am Wednesday 2/15, making great time, as flow of traffic was about 80 mph once I got into Iowa. The posted speed limit is usually 70-75. All the way  into Missouri, this was the case. I got 30 miles outside of KCMO and fog settled in, I zoned out for about 2 minutes, not realizing I was at 84, according to the officer, (yes, I got a ticket.) and decided it's cruise control the rest of the way. I was concerned with burning more fuel, but now I don't trust myself to keep it steady. I surprised myself by not getting too mad. In the past I would've fumed about it until I was fully exhausted. This time I just chalked it up to travel expense. Say what you will but, most everyone I talked to in Missouri has had a speeding ticket...or several. This was an unmarked. This man was on a mission. I don't even know where he came from. It was like he dropped from the sky. I will say he was very nice though. But, there was no talking my way out of this one. He was there for the sole purpose of issuing tickets. Eh. Live and learn. Speeding ticket or cruise decide. Either way it get's expensive.

               Got into Liberty and met up with my friend Adam at about 4pm, and got into the eating stage. Called up our friend Leo and went to an Italian place in downtown Kansas City. Pizza was insane. INSANE! Cafe Al Dente. Run by a little adorable Italian woman that serves you personally and runs around with more energy than I have sometimes and chats it up with everyone. Brick walls, nice atmosphere.

               Got on the road at 7am Thursday 2/16, again flow of traffic about 80, I set the cruise at 4 over the posted limit and just sat in the right lane. Got into North Austin at just 6pm, and landed at my hotel about 6:45pm. Checked in after peeing for what seemed like an eternity. I didn't want to stop because rush hour was happening and traffic was a little bogged. If I got off, I wasn't sure how easy it would be to get back on.
               Quickly setting my stuff in my room, I headed out to find an Italian restaurant. I asked a few guys working one of Austin's upscale downtown hotels where there was an Italian place close, turns out there is one a couple blocks from my hotel. Went to Taverna on 2nd and Lavaca. Awesome food, nice place, great sevice. On the walk over I realized that there is a running store a block away. How freaking awesome!? Then I noticed the place where the expo is is kitty-corner. Score number 2. There is a Taco Cabana a few blocks away I'll be checking out. Yummy Texmex.
               Then I headed back to get a run in. I ran 2.25, and felt amazing. It took everything not to keep running. I knew I could have run all night. I was afraid prior that I may have over-trained, but now I am quite sure I am just fine. Went back, showered, changed, and hit the hay. I'll go out and do a little eating, shopping, and time killing until 3pm, when I can go to the expo. Hoping that I can meet Bart Yasso, as he is the keynote speaker both days of the expo. I am feeling great. I could go for a run right now, so I guess my work is done until Sunday. Ciao!

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